When Someone’s Missing


But those that trust in The Lord will find new strength.  ~ Isaiah 40:31 
  Yesterday my family suggested to pack up and head camping. Camping, a place we have been a hundred times, a place my girls loved to go, suddenly placed me in panic mode. The place that once brought our family joy, was now the last place I wanted to be. how could it not? Just three weeks ago I had sat in that trailer and nursed my babe while the other two girls played on the deck. My family of 5 that had sat around the campfire was now going to be four. Someone was missing. Someone’s were missing.
As I sit at Yogi this morning with that gut wrenching feeling of grief and panic this verse made me realize that as hard as it is I have to keep trusting. I have to keep trusting that God knows what he is doing. That Alexis and Audrey are safe and happy in Heaven. That I will see them someday. I have to trust that he will continue to give me the strength to overcome each of these painful new obstacles that I will be faced with every minute of everyday. Because without trust in God I have nothing. Without him there would be no way I could get up every morning. Without him there could be no Heaven…. And without a Heaven my girls would be gone forever. That is a thought I am NOT willing to accept!

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