My Hiding Place.


You are my hiding place and my shield; I wait for your word. – Psalms 119:114

        Rainy days make me want to scream. Maybe it’s because as I look outside I am reminded of what’s going on inside of me. Sometimes it hurts so bad, I spend so much energy trying to not only hide it from others, but from my own self.

        As I do whatever I can to keep busy……days like this give me no choice but to slow down and grieve….really grieve. Rainy days make it harder to ignore the pain, harder to run away from it, harder to pretend like my whole world hasn’t been turned upside down. However I am reminded that there is someone who I cannot hide from. Someone who can see past my fake smile and into my every being.

      Deep down I know that someday this storm will slowly begin to fade away. That I will somehow be able to start to see the sun through the clouds. But that day is not today. Today as I sit in the rain by myself hurting and as vulnerable as I have ever been, I am going to invite him to sit with me… we can hide together.



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