Celebrating Audrey – Day 2, The Aunties



    I will never forget the excitement I felt when you yelled my name to come into the bathroom. You had just found out you were pregnant. I was so excited that I could be apart of this pregnancy, and boy was I. I got to attend the ultrasound when you found out she was a girl. I got to throw you an amazing tutu baby shower at my home, and even had the privilege of being at the hospital when ️miss Audrey was born. Although this Auntie almost missed it because she came so fast. It was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced and will never forget it. She was so beautiful and was so loved! I felt so close to this baby girl and got to be apart of a lot of memories with her. A lot of family suppers, trips to the play ground, and she got to be apart of her cousins first birthday.


     I’ll never forget it was July 5th and you and the family came down to my house to play board games in the candle light. It was so much fun. I remember I was so happy because I got to sit and hold her on my couch and she just stared up at me with those beautiful big brown eyes and was so happy.  After we were done playing our game, you put her in her car seat and set her on the floor while you got the girls ready to leave. I leaned down and kissed and talked to her and she smiled and told me stories it was so cute!


     I kissed you guys goodbye and said I’ll see you all later and went to sleep … The next morning at 6:55 am I got the worst phone call. I was so shocked and couldn’t believe she was gone. It was the worst thing I think I’ll ever go through and it was so hard to see you go through this. I had no idea what to say or do, all I knew was I just had to be there for you…. and I was. I was so proud of the tutu skirt we made for her casket , auntie                                                                          wanted it to look perfect !

the purple tutu

     Audrey looked absolutely beautiful at the service and It was so hard to have to say goodbye! I will always remember when I heard you singing the song to her and decided I would join in and sing to her one last time. It was beautiful and I’ll never forget it! I can’t believe it’s been a year since she’s been gone. She has impacted my life so much in the short time she was with us, but I know she is up in heaven and looking down on us and that we will see her again. I will never understand why she was taken from us so soon…but I am definitely glad I got to be apart of her life! I miss her everyday and always will ! ❤ 

Sincerely , Auntie Tammy 
    I ended up taking a medical leave last year from the end of May until the first of July. Audrey was my therapy. I would drop Carter of to daycare, grab a tea and go hold Audrey.      
One day during my visit Sarah decided that she was going to do a mermaid photo shoot. We quickly learned if Audrey wasn’t in the mood to do it…..then it didn’t happen. 
 On another visit I had just gotten her to sleep and Sarahtree thought it would be a perfect time to paint her hand for a fathers day picture, she stayed asleep for a minute then woke up mad. When she wasn’t happy you sure knew it.
One thing Audrey seemed to love was the outdoors. One hot day in June we packed up the kids and headed to Johns Cove  beach for a picnic. It was a perfect sunny day. Carter was in the water and the girls were on the beach getting made into sand people. Audrey just slept through it in Grammies arms under an umbrella.
 The next “event”10553482_10152266909783233_5675850506687609842_n that comes to mind would have been Carters autism walk. The weather was awful and we packed into the gym of the junior high. We put her in a t-shirt that was too big and I was so proud to show off my newest niece.
     This year I dreaded the walk. I didn’t gather many pledges and I didn’t want to go. Upon arriving at the walk the sun came out and the walk was held outside. I could feel your presence and then out of no where the lady in charge asked if she could take a moment to remember Audrey. She had remembered Sarah nursing her last year in the corner of the gym and the double stroller being packed up as we headed out.
      The amount of people touched by Audrey’s too short life amazes me. I feel proud to be her aunt and made sure I enjoyed the rest of the event.  Audrey’s death has taught me to be grateful for even the little moments.
     Canada Day canada day audreywas another special family day. Its been tradition on Canada day that the Robicheau kids have Canada Day t-shirt’s. I bought her a onesie. She was so cute! We brought her to the water front, and watched the fire works and listened to the music as her sisters and cousins danced around in the tent.
July third would be the last time I would get to cuddle her. It was Papas birthday party at our house. Audrey was cranky, she had just got her needles.  I had found a baby chair and Audrey loved it. She watched the bubbles and fish go around until she feel asleep. We moved you off the table to the car seat on the counter so we get the food set up. I wish I had just held you a bit longer that night. I feel so guilty about that but I had no idea what was about to happen.
   July Sixth, Two-Thousand Fourteen is a day I will never forget. It’s a bunch of clips of conversations and images etched in to my mind. The next few weeks I shut down. I was in shock. I cleaned, fed and bathed kids….whatever I could to keep busy and try to help. I was angry for a long time, but then Sarah started the Hope Boxes and was making a tragic event into something helpful. The church that haunted me as the last place I got to kiss those fat cheeks and dreaded returning to I started volunteering at. I do this not just for the kids, I do this for Audrey it makes me feel close to her.
   Dear sweet little one I miss you so much and I think of you all the time. You are so loved. You will never be forgotten and could never be replaced. You helped me get through a tough time in my life and I thank you for that.
   XO Auntie Kandise
      Although I don’t have any children, I am so blessed to have had the chance to love five of my best friend’s beautiful children as if they were my own. I have watched some of their first moments, and heartbreakingly been there for some of their last. These children have a special place deep in my heart, and Audrey is no exception.
 It is hard to put into a paragraph the impact this little girl has had on everyone’s lives, from her closest family to people she didn’t even have a chance to meet! She made me fall in love with her the moment I held her at the hospital.
She has helped people come together at a time when they were falling apart. She has lit a spark in the heart of her family, who have fought non-stop to keep her memory alive every single day. She has sparked a passion in the community, and especially in her mother, who honor her memory by helping other families who have lost children. Not many people can accomplish in 80 years what she has managed to do in 2 months and 20 days. As an honorary aunt, I am so proud of this little girl! So, while I watch her sisters and brother grow up, graduate, get married and have their own children, I will always think of the things she too would have accomplished right along with them. She was a born star from the start! Love always, baby girl ❤
     Dear Audrey,
   Not a day goes by when I don’t think about you. I think about you when my children awake in the morning, when we share special moments together. You’re on my mind every time they reach milestones that you never got to. When I hear a siren, every time I walk through the hospital doors to go to work, when the phone rings in the early hours of the morning, you’re on my mind. Your death knocked my entire world off kilter. It seemed impossible that your beautiful perfection could just be here one minute, and gone the next. There were moments when I didn’t think I could face your Mom & Dad another day and witness the pain of their loss. But we are making it through, one day at a time. You showed me I am stronger that I ever believed I could be. You bonded our families indescribably closer than ever before. You taught me to see each day as a gift, and to not take things for granted. My children are hugged a little tighter every night, loved even more than ever before. Fifty years from now I will think of your sweet little face and my heart will still ache the same as it did that very first moment I heard your Mama’s voice that early morning of July 6th. I will never forget those gorgeous brown eyes, and your sweet smile. Always and Forever in my heart Xo

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