Celebrating Audrey – Day 5, The Uncles



   Audrey was the first of my nieces that I got to hold right after birth. I was the first one waiting for her to come out of the delivery room. She came so fast but it seemed to take forever for her to come down the hall. I couldn’t believe how much she looked like her cousin and the rest of the Robicheau’s.

   She was the biggest baby out of all the Robicheau babies, but she still fit perfectly in one arm. I would come home Friday from work pick up my crew, and then head on down to the kids house to see my girl. We only had a few moments together, one being a Fathers Day barbecue and campfire at our house but they are                                                                   moments I will always remember. I wish I could                                                                     have had more time with her.

     I am a volunteer firefighter with my local department and on the morning of July sixth I awoke to a medical call and read the message quickly:


     I thought what a shame. It was then that Kandise said ” well Audrey is almost 3 months.”  I  re-read the text message and realized that it was my brothers address. I jumped out of bed not even knowing where I found clothes and was out the door in a flash.

    I arrived in the yard to find Sarah screaming in horror on the doorstep.  I held her, trying to comfort her until the ambulance arrived.  I remember my Dad was in the road waiting to show the ambulance where to go. I left Sarah and went into the house to see my mom and brother doing CPR on Audrey. The paramedics took over and Sarah was trying desperately to reach her sister, but do to the hurricane and no power nobody’s cell phones worked. As Audrey was lowered into the ambulance I leaned over, kissed her forehead, and told her that I loved her. After I knew that Audrey was gone, it was me that went and tracked down the rest of family and friends. I held her for a bit at the hospital but then needed to go to the house with chad.


    I went back to work for a couple of days before the funeral and Sarah called me asking me to find a gown for Audrey to wear. I looked all over Halifax and Dartmouth to find something perfect for her to wear…. sending picture after picture of them to her, but she was just too small for dresses.

    At her funeral she just looked like she was having a nap, doll like and perfect. There were so many people that came to see her and pay there respects. As they carried her out I remembered they played Shine Your Light, it was a song from my favorite movie Ladder 49.

    A few weeks after her death, I got another medical call. This one wasn’t far from our house either. It was a family that had went off of the road and there had also been a death. I was terrified. When I arrived, there had been an infant girl close to Audreys age in her car seat upside down. Thankfully the little girl was fine but in the moment I was so angry. I didn’t understand how you could walk away unharmed from such a traumatic accident, while Audrey could just pass away in her sleep. It was a hard day…and a true lesson about life. 

   Audrey has taught me not just to live everyday, but every moment to the fullest. She has showed me not to take a single thing for granted. Thank you my sweet niece

Love, Uncle



 One year ago today I held you in my arms. I remember just like it was yesterday wishing that the person snapping a picture of me holding you would just get lost and go take pictures of someone else besides me… but now I am so thankful to have that very picture of me holding you as it may be the only one.

    Just a few days after this picture was taken I remember the storm came raging through Yarmouth and that is when we lost you…I will never forget being woken up with the horrifying words that you were gone…and that we had to get to the hospital. I remember walking into the room…the sadness and the tears and holding                                                                      you one last time…it didn’t seem real..it didn’t seem   possible.

    I remember that day like it was yesterday…the tears that continuously ran down everyones face as hearts were just breaking …to have to let you go after so few days were spent with you…even your tough ole Uncle ‘Teves heart was broken. I did the best I could to help mommy and daddy in the days and weeks following you leaving us for Heaven…… and between all of the pictures, videos and stories I got to know you even better and felt all the love everyone had for you first hand.

     You had such an impact in such a short time and it continues on even today through your Mommy in how she tries to reach out and help so many others who struggle. I have become best buds with big sister Amelia who I love so much and your sister Abi is growing so fast. I have even taken a few selfies with lil brother Asher! You was our Borrowed Angel and this world is definitely a little richer because you came along.

Love, Uncle ‘Teve!! XoXo



    Your Auntie threw your baby shower at our house. I got booted down in to the basement and watched a game while the girls all talked excitedly about you upstairs. I was excited too.

   I remember you had only been home from the hospital for a few weeks when you started to cry because you had a dirty diaper. Your Mom was so busy doing dishes and cleaning up so I took you out of your bouncy seat and changed your diaper for her. That moment became a joke we had, as she teased your Dad about me holding you                                                          and changing diapers.


   We spent many family outings and holidays with you. As many as we could cram in to such a small time. Our families all packed up and headed to the beach for a big beach day. You slept in the sun tent while your Mom and sister buried me in the sand. You even got to celebrate Masons first birthday with us.

20140608_144535    Your death was very hard to accept for me. I had never experienced anything like this before. I almost shut down completely, not wanting to deal with the emotions that came along with losing a loved one…but I managed to do what I had to do and be there for our family. Your Moms arms wrapped tightly around me as I entered your funeral said it all.

  Your death has taught me that family isn’t measured by blood or a piece of paper.  That no matter what you will                                                           always be my niece.

                                                      Love, Uncle Aaron


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