When The Proof Is In My Arms.



“And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. “~ Romans 8:28


Three-hundred and sixty five days ago you were merely the size of a blueberry in my tummy. When some would consider you nothing but a cluster of ever changing cells… to me you were a child. My precious child. To me, your fragile life became a new hope, an answered prayer, a promised blessing, and an indescribable feeling of Gods amazing love for me.

Today you are four months old. You are and always will be cherished and loved. Not only by me but by your Creator. Your life so far has been nothing but a breathtaking tale of hope, faith, and healing. A story that proves with exhaustion, comes endurance…….and that with fear, then comes peace.

Because of you I have never been so thankful for middle of the night wake-up calls. I have learned to see my unwashed hair and sweatpants not as battle scars, but as badges of honor. Thankful that I have been chosen to be a part of this battle in the first place. I am so blessed to be a part of such an awesome testimony of Gods love and redemption.

Your beauty does not just exude from those long eyelashes, perfectly positioned ear dimples, or your round chubby cheeks….but already radiates through your spirit. I have found beauty in your chest as it rises and falls while you sleep…thankful for each breath you take. I have learned to not only be grateful for nap time, but also for your fussy spells in the evenings.

In these past four, short but quickly passing- by months….through you, God has shown me that in my mistake making, grief stricken, messy, and imperfect life…that you Asher are truly living proof of a God that really does cause all things to work together for his good.

Love, Mommy


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