To the Mama who Chose Abortion.


Sweet Lady,

With the fight for Women’s rights, protests, and lobbyist so evidently apparent in the news my mind has gone to you so many times.

As a Christian woman I have sat quietly on the sideline while I’ve watched woman tear woman apart. There have been extremist on both ends. Christians who have had nothing but hate to spew and feminist who have showed nothing but the exact same.

See the minute I used the words Christian Woman I’m sure you cringed a little bit inside. I am so sorry for that. I am so sorry that some of “my own”……of what you have read, of what they have said….has pushed you further away from a loving God that teaches the exact opposite.

I know you are probably waiting for me to write this and it is true, abortion is against my beliefs. Myself, personally would not choose that option, but in absolutely no way does that give me the right to judge you for yours.

I may never know your story, and I may never see your face, but I do know one thing. I know that you didn’t grow up as a little girl dreaming about the day that you would feel the need to lay on a cold sterile table as a teeny being was removed from your body. I know that your decision wasn’t made lightly, and that you wrestled back and forth about the permanency of the choice you were about to make, and I do know that regardless of Christian or not Christian you are a woman, and a piece of you forever changed that day.

So as I’ve sat quietly reading comment after comment you have continually been on my mind…..

….because you have also most likely been quietly reading each and every one.

I want you to know as a Christian Woman;

It is not my right to hate you.

It is not my right to stand outside of the abortion clinic with a sign that calls you a murderer.

It is not my right to look down at you and cause you to walk in shame.

…..and it is most certainly not my right to turn you away because your choices differ from my own.

I want you to know that based on my faith, on my very beliefs that you cringe away from, that it is my job to love you.

That regardless of whether I believe your decision is right or wrong that it is my job to welcome you with open arms.

I want you to know that it is my job to pray for you. Not for the reasons you think, but for your heart, for your health and for your emotions thereafter.

Because those things are the very things I believe. Those very seemingly so basic principals are a part of what Christianity, what my God…. is all about.

So whether you sit at home alone confident in the decision you made or with tears of unsureness running down your face. You are still loved, you are still valuable, you are still cared for, and I am so sorry that you have been made to feel otherwise by the incorrect use of God’s name.

I am confident in that because I am confident in Him, because my God is bigger than any President or Worldly Leader, because He is bigger than any protest sign or hurtful comment, and because He loves you more than you will ever know.


A Jesus-following, YOU-loving Woman.